Fear-Free Selling

How to Become Absolutely Fearless Selling Anything: Products, Services, Even Yourself (2005)

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Cold Call Selling Fear And

Sales Call Reluctance CURED!

This is the book you need if you are a sales professional, already have sales skills, sell by phone, sell in person, sell from the platform, have a home for sale, or many homes for sale, horses for sale, boats for sale, are selling "for sale by owner", have cars for sale, are in used car sales, or are simply SELLING ANYTHING! (Yes, even if you are selling old computers, have motorcycles for sale, or a business for sale). If you hate sales, this is the book for you.

Five Star Review

[5 of 5 stars] An outstanding book that helps stamp out fear!
Reviewer: Lawrence L. Tracy, Tracy Presentation Skills from Alexandria, VA
"Fear Free Selling" is an outstanding book that provides highly practical advice on overcoming "sales anxiety."  "Fear of public speaking" is the leading phobia in the United States, and I will be strongly urging participants in my workshops to read Dr. Sindelar's book. His series of "tips" translate complex empirical data from the field of human behavior into advice easy to understand and implement immediately.

Dr. Sindelar systematically shows you how to control both natural and learned fears so they work for you, not impede you. Sales representatives--and in the case of my clients who must improve their public speaking skills--will benefit greatly from the insights found in this invaluable book.

Lawrence L. Tracy, Tracy Presentation Skills, Alexandria, VA

See what Fear-Free Selling can do for you: 

1. Overcome the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success. 

2. Make Presentations and Speeches with Ease. 

3. Network with others
Fearlessly and enjoyably. 

4. Learn the two little words that can save (or ruin) your life. 

5. Identify and Crush those Hidden Fears that Block your Potential 

6. Use Fast and Easy techniques to Conquer Fears of Rejection. 

7. Learn to Love Selling and Promoting. 

8. Promote yourself and your products fearlessly. 

9. Cure sales call reluctance

OVER 50 Tools
And much more! Over 50 tools, tips, techniques and tricks
specifically designed to make fear almost magically disappear. 

Beginning 30 years ago, I began to research and
identify fear as the most powerful negative motivator. Whether
you know it or not, fear controls much of your thinking and

Many of your fears are hidden, but still exert control
over your personal and professional life. Some fears surface as
anger and aggression, some as procrastination, some as

Now, with these field-tested tips, tools, techniques and tricks,
you can take control of your fears. You will find out what hidden
fears you have. You will learn how fears traps you and keeps
you from reaching the goals you want for yourself. 

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Do You Hate Selling (or know someone who does)?
Many people hate selling, and miss out on the success and
relationships they deserve. 


No matter what business you are in, you must sell to reach your


No matter what beliefs you hold, you must sell your ideas to
influence others. 


Parents must sell their values to their children. 


Lovers must sell and promote themselves to each other. 

This new book gives you everything you need to know to
become absolutely fearless. 

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Dr. Sindelar consults with businesses and organizations from Singapore to Saudi Arabia. He has written for Entrepreneur magazine, Executive Excellence magazine, and others. He is past president of the National Speakers Association, Arizona Chapter. He has started and run
several successful businesses, so this is no theoretical, ivory-tower nonsense. 

Read what Dr. Sindelar has to say about this book:

"I was always a little shy, but when I got to graduate school, my shyness turned into major anxiety. I was so afraid of rejection that I began to avoid my professors and fellow students. I was seriously thinking about dropping out of graduate school and living a life of quiet desperation and misery."

"I tried everything, even counseling. Some of the methods did nothing at all. Some of them actually made things worse."

"Then I began to research the fear of rejection. Not much was written on the subject. So I began interviewing people who had overcome their fears. I spoke to actors, stage performers, teachers, psychologists, and sales professionals.
Gradually I began to see patterns. "

"Soon I was applying the techniques to myself and my fear began to disappear. I was able to graduate with my Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I became so good at this that one of my professors encouraged me to tell others."

"At first, I helped others through individual counseling. Soon, however, I realized that this was very inefficient. I could only help one person at a time. So I tried using group therapy and found that these techniques were teachable. I taught classes at the University level. Then I began doing workshops and seminars. More and more people learned to conquer their fears."

Everything I Learned Is Here For You To Use

Now you can apply the same tools that others have paid thousands of dollars to learn.

"I use these techniques to help executives become better leaders. I help thousands reach their true potential. I used these techniques to conquer my own fear of public speaking. I used them to conquer my fear of heights and reach the summit of Cerro Aconcagua, the tallest mountain on 6 continents. I used them to conquer my fear of flying and became a hang gliding and microlight (Trike)  pilot."

I was recently asked to take over a company that was losing money and had a tough competitor that spent thousands and thousands of dollars on traditional marketing and advertising. I applied my new techniques and taught them to my sales force. We turned the company around so fast and were such a threat to the competition that they threatened us several times. Then they begged us to stop. Finally bought us out after only 6 months. 


Seen on ABC's Sonoran Living; the Houston Chronicle Business Section;  (Articles) and International Radio


Now, for the first time, Dr.  Sindelar explains the step by step secrets of
demolishing fear forever. 


Discover the amazing split in your brain and how it can keep
you motivated or trap you in despair. 


Quickly nail your fear to the wall and keep it from holding you


 Learn how Pop Psychology can actually be harmful to your


Discover and apply the trick that kept a test pilot flying. 


Learn how a pen can defeat the nastiest fears. 


In this simple-to-use, affordable book, you can get the same
information that others have paid thousands of dollars an hour to
obtain. You owe it to yourself to read this book now and start
living a Fear-Free life. 

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Fear-Free Selling - How To Become Absolutely
Fearless Selling Anything: Products, Services, Even

Price: A Ridiculously Low $49 - Less than a buck an idea, and each idea can bring you huge returns.
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Fear-Free Guarantee: If you read and apply the tools and this book for 90 days and do not see any improvement in your sales, we will fearlessly refund your money. 

Simple Privacy Policy: We will never sell, rent or give away your email or contact information.


Dr.Scott Sindelar
About the Author: Dr. Scott Sindelar is a Business Psychologist who helps businesses
and executives master Emotional Intelligence and the greatest barrier to success: Fear. As
a Forensic Psychologist he evaluates some of the most disturbed minds. He also
examines some of the most successful minds in business. He recently was asked to take over a company that was losing money and had a tough competitor that spent thousands on traditional marketing and advertising. Dr. Sindelar applied these new techniques and taught them to the sales force. He turned the company around so fast and was such a threat to the competition that they bought him out in 6 months. 

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