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"If You Buy Just One Business Training Program All Year,
THIS is the One You Want."

~ Featuring: Scott Sindelar, Ph.D. ~ 
and "The 11 Masterminds of Marketing"

 Cover of 8 tape Album

$50,000 worth of business consultations for $199 bucks!

It's so thick with how-to techniques and ready-to-apply strategies, it can actually
save you hundreds of hours of reading and hundreds of dollars in buying other
programs and books and thousands of dollars in attending the seminars. That's because so much is contained in this one big album.

This Amazing New Audio Program Features 11 of the World's Greatest Advertising,
Marketing & Sales Authorities Teaching You How To:

Persuade Like a Pro... Network Like a Ninja...
Create Killer Advertising Materials...
Strategize Like a Military General...
& Leave Your Competition Choking On Your Dust 

Guaranteed to Help You Instantly Supercharge Your: 






Sales Letters


Sales Force (and your personal Sales Skills)




Web Sites


And Much More... 

... And Completely Transform
Your Business in 60 Days or Less. 

Here is a note from the publisher: 

"You MUST make serious money using the ideas in this unique program or I insist you
return it within ONE FULL YEAR for a fast, cheerful refund... no questions asked. I stake
my international reputation on it."
-Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S. 

From the desk of: Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Author of: "How to Create Power-Packed Ads,
Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!™"

Philadelphia, PA
Friday, 12:16 pm

My Dear Business Friend: 

If you have a cassette player and can invest 27 cents a day, I'm
going to turn YOU into a sales and marketing powerhouse

I don't care how poorly your business is now performing... 

I don't care how few orders your ads, brochures, sales letters and emails are
now pulling... 

I don't care if the counter on your web site hasn't had a measly "10" hits after
being online for 10 months... 

It doesn't matter if you can't tell a "headline" from a "headlight"... 

Or if you couldn't convince your own mother to loan you a dollar to buy a loaf of

...This brand new business training program has the power to turn YOU
into a sales and marketing dynamo in no time flat, whether you've been in
business for decades... or just days. 

Simply Push the "START" Button
on Your Tape Player and... 

...YOU WILL LEARN to create marketing materials that will leave your
competition choking on your dust. 

...YOU WILL LEARN to actually change the way you think about advertising,
marketing and sales ... you will learn how to persuade like an expert. 

...YOU WILL LEARN to "install" potent new software into your brain that will have
you creating advertising like a highly paid ad-agency pro. 

...YOU WILL LEARN how big-money sales experts use potent sales psychology
and the cutting edge technologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to influence
and persuade. 

...YOU WILL LEARN how to talk the talk AND walk the walk of advertising and
marketing experts. 

...YOU WILL LEARN how to direct others to do your bidding, such as copywriters
and designers and how to save a fortune in both time and money. 

...YOU WILL LEARN what mistakes your competitors are making and how to
capitalize on their ignorance. 

...YOU WILL LEARN what IS great marketing and business strategy and what is
downright garbage. 

...YOU WILL LEARN how to craft psychologically potent "hooks" that will make
your competition cry like a baby for its rattle. 

Never again will you be intimidated when you speak to the so-called "pros" who
often commit the hundreds of mistakes that I'm going to teach you to avoid like the

YOU will be the one with the authority. 

YOU will be the one in the know. 

YOU will be the person whom OTHER people turn to when creating their own
marketing materials and planning their business strategy and execution. 

No B.S. 

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Or, keep reading... 

Here's The Scoop...

Last year Drew decided to create an intense, multi-expert audio program on the
subject of advertising, marketing and sales that would put other such albums to

He searched for months for experts who not only knew their stuff, but could
communicate it powerfully enough to turn even the meekest marketing mouse into
a fire-breathing, razor-toothed marketing Street Dragon. 

It wasn't easy. 

After rejecting material from dozens of hopefuls (including two who became
somewhat belligerent when we "rejected" them), only 10 of the most powerful and
effective marketers and business experts remained—the cream of the crop in
background, knowledge and teaching style. 

The bios of these masters read like a "Who's-Who" in business, ranging from
owners of their own high-powered ad agencies employing hundreds, to an
advisor of U.S. presidents. They have appeared on hundreds of television and
radio shows and have trained and educated literally hundreds of thousands. 

The have come to be known around the world as, "The Masterminds of

These experts provide a flood of information that help business people in any
industry to completely out-market and out-maneuver their competition. 

They deliver one practical tip, trick and technique after another. 

They literally spill their guts and hold nothing back. 

The project exceeded our own lofty expectations and the end-result was
spectacular: Over 12 solid hours of information that would cost over $50,000 if
you were to contract each of these experts individually. 


Featuring: Dr. Scott Sindelar and 
"The MasterMinds of Marketing"

This incredible new 8-cassette audio program contains more USABLE,
PRACTICAL INFORMATION on the subject than ANY other album available

"The $50,000 Business Makeover Marathon" puts you in a conference
room—face-to-face—with 11 of the best and brightest marketers on the planet. 

Each of these experts sits "by your side," advising you to take certain tested
actions ... encouraging you to try "in-the-trench-proven" ideas that can spell the
difference between success and failure. 

They'll be tugging at your shirtsleeve, alerting you to potential mistakes that have
already caused others to fail miserably. Their advice will guide you confidently
down the path of success because they tell you exactly what to do and what
NOT to do. 

Boring theories and half-baked ideas? 

Not in "The $50,000 Business Makeover Marathon." 

Remember, it's so thick with how-to techniques and ready-to-apply strategies, it can actually
save you hundreds of hours of reading and hundreds of dollars in buying other
programs and books. That's because so much is contained in this one big album.

You get just the meat. The facts. On-target and to the point. 

Simply pop tape #1 into your cassette player. You'll be overwhelmed with
more how-to information in this ONE tape than most other programs offer
you in their entire multi-tape album. (This is not just another advertising claim.
It's something you'll prove to yourself within the first few minutes of listening to the
first of 8 tapes in this big, rich album.)

~ Quick Overview~
Here Are Just a Few of The
Hundreds of Things You'll Learn: 

• How to Get Prospects to Choose YOU Over the Competition— Sneaky
ways to make YOU the "preferred provider!" 

• How to Convince Any Skeptic—Using new tools of psychology unknown to
most (if not all) of your competition! 

• 13 "Brain-Leverage" Tools to Build an Instantly Recognizable
Identity—You'll stand out in the crowd so prospects will think of YOU first! 

• Tested & Proven Methods for Becoming Famous Using Traditional &
Electronic Media—Want instant credibility? You MUST listen to this tape! 

• How to Affect Your Customers on an Unconscious Level—Amazing
"high-tech" ways to help prospects realize the value of your offer! 

• How to Ethically "Install" Powerful Buying Suggestions to Boost
Sales—How Neuro-Linguistics can help you persuade like a master! 

• Secrets for Attracting the Maximum Possible Number of
Prospects—Tested & proven "Pro Tricks" to start a river of new prospects
flowing to your front door! 

• How to Hold Readers' Attention Like Glue—The more they read, the more
you sell. Super-easy tricks that work! 

• 8 Instant-Effect "Booster Shots" to Help You Fire-Up Your Bottom
Line—A master of business strategy teaches you to make foundational-level
business changes that translate into more $$$ for YOU! 

• How to Create a Competitive Matrix for Developing an Unstoppable
Business War Plan—Find the cracks in your competitions' armor... exploit &
profit big from their weaknesses! 

• How to Write Sales Letters that "Sizzle & Pop!"—A master's course on one,
two-sided tape. You'll laugh at your old sales letters after what you learn in this
special double-length program... (no kidding)! 

• How to Sequence Your Sales Message for Maximum Unconscious
Impact—Yes, it makes a MAJOR difference WHEN you present each of your
sales points. Learn why and how to do it correctly! 

• How to Put Million-Dollar Secrets of Giant Companies to Work for
You—Use the tricks that the major players use to crush their competition! 

• How to Craft a Dynamic Growth Strategy for Unlimited Success— The
strategist for many of the nation's top corporate giants tells you how. 

• How to Become Absolutely Fearless Selling Any Product or
Service—Pick up the phone and call those prospects you dread calling. Make
those contacts you've been putting off. Smash through the fear that's keeping you
from enjoying enormous success. Renowned business psychologist teaches you
how in his special double-length consultation. 

• The "Fudge Devil Volcano Technique" for Writing "Thunder-Bolt"
Headlines—A crazy name for an awesome technique to install powerful mental
movies in the minds of your prospects. 

• How to Use "Ad-Q-Puncture"™ to Shock Your Readers into
Buying—Stop writing wimpy sales copy. Learn how to shake people up by using
advertising "tough talk" that gets results. 

• Why Your Web Site Will Likely Fail Miserably & How to Fix it in
Minutes—Internet-guru teaches you tricks learned after surfing to more than
20,000 pages... start a stampede to your web site NOW! 

• How to Create Guarantees that Seduce Customers into Buying—
Ridiculously simple, but amazingly powerful. Expect an IMMEDIATE increase in
your response... no matter what your business. 


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