Fear of Rejection
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Conquering The Fear Of Rejection (EBook)

Conquering the fear of rejection is easier than you think. If you know how.

In this no-nonsense practical guide, you will learn everything you need to know to
crush your fear of rejection. There is no "ivory tower" theoretical rambling here. There is no "psycho-babble" useless information. These are powerful techniques that really work.

This Electronic Book (EBook) is published in the standard Adobe Acrobat PDF
format included in most browsers. You may also download a free copy of their
Acrobat Reader software from their site: 


Read what Dr. Sindelar has to say about this book:

"I was always a little shy, but when I got to graduate school, my shyness turned into major anxiety. I was so afraid of rejection that I began to avoid my professors and fellow students. I was seriously thinking about dropping out of graduate school an living a life of quiet desperation and misery."

I tried everything, even counseling. Some of the methods did nothing at all. Some of them actually made things worse. Then I began to research the fear of rejection. Not much was written on the subject. So I began interviewing people who had overcome their fears. I spoke to actors, stage performers, teachers, psychologists, and sales professionals. Gradually I began to see patterns. 

Soon I was applying the techniques to myself and my fear began to disappear. I was able to graduate with my Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I became so good at this that one of my professors encouraged me to tell others.

At first, I helped others through individual counseling. Soon, however, I realized that this was very inefficient. I could only help one person at a time. So I tried group therapy and found that these techniques were teachable. I taught classes at the University level. Then I began doing workshops and seminars. More and more people learned to conquer their fears.


Now, for the first time, you can learn the same information that others have paid
thousands of dollars an hour to learn.

Here is what you can learn:
* The secrets of stage performers.
* How to give a speech without fear.
* How to eliminate the cold-calling reluctance.
* How to ask for what you want in business and social relationships.
* How to feel absolutely comfortable meeting strangers.
* How to attend parties and socialize with anyone.
* How to surround yourself with armor so that criticism just bounces off.
* How to make it impossible to be rejected.
* 7 physical actions to stop the fear before it takes over.
* How your first fear experiences control your mind, unless you change them.

All this and more. Dozens of field-tested techniques that really work. Download this book now, and by this evening you will be on your way to conquering the fear of rejection forever. 

    Only $49 -  170 pages PDF file

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Note: Order only one or the other, many of the same techniques are in both books.

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