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FACT: Many guys have a fear of commitment. They may not admit it to you (or even to themselves) because they do not recognize it. 

FACT: Insisting that they do something about their fear of commitment will only drive them away.

FACT: Guys hate to change and WILL NOT change unless they see it as a way to A). Make more money, or B). Improve their score at something, or C). Make you go Ga-Ga over them without demanding that they commit to you.

FACT: They're afraid of 

    1]. Looking foolish because they cannot communicate feelings as well as most women 

    2]. Failing in a relationship after a women gets to know them too well.

    3). Being seen as weak or deficient in some area.

HOWEVER - They just might read a copy of Fear-Free Selling, because it appeals to their desire to be fearless, and make lots of money.

Buy this book for them, and they just might get over their fear of commitment after all.

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