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Remember: This is the book you need if you are selling old computers, have motorcycles for sale, have a home for sale, or homes for sale, horses for sale, boats for sale, are selling "for sale by owner", are selling on ebay, have cars for sale, are in used car sales, or are simply SELLING ANYTHING!

Fear of selling and fear of anything, like speeches, making cold calls, making fearless presentations, fear of asking for the order, all can be overcome. Fearless Selling means you can become fearless selling anything. Overcoming fear is now something you can learn to do. Beat sales anxiety. Conquer cold call reluctance. Easy to apply tools in the new book: Fear Free Selling, your personal copy for much less than $50, less than $40, even less than $30. Comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step tools you can use to become fearless selling anything. Over 50 field-tested techniques.

Fear is the most common obstacle to high income selling. Fear can show up in many different ways. Symptoms or signs of fear include: cold call reluctance, sales anxiety, procrastination, avoidance, irritability, poor memory, poor concentration, poor performance, job hopping, over drinking, drug abuse, or even gambling.

Overcoming fear through fearless selling is one of the fastest and most powerful ways you can supercharge your selling and your income. What would you do differently if you were fearless?

Many top salespeople do not even recognize when they have fear. The may call it a sales slump. More often, they begin to blame the company, marketing, or manufacturing departments. They may blame unfair competition. The real underlying problem is often fear.

Once you experience fearless selling, you will finally understand how you are in control if you understand how this system works.

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